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London - Reboot.
Timebomb (Japan) review. Original here.
Sometimes it takes a long time for a decent band to get around to recording their second album. In LONDON’s case it took 34 years! REBOOT is only their first new album since Animal Games came out in 1978. Fortunately they are as dynamic as ever with their catchy songs and tight playing. There are 11 tracks altogether on this Detour Records CD including a cover of The Eyes’ masterpiece When The Night Falls.

London - Reboot.
Studs & Punks review by Moo. Original here.
I truly got what I expected from this CD. With a front cover containing Union Jack covered DMs what else would blast out of my speakers?? British punk in red, white and blue of course!

The band formed in ’77 and then disappeared until now with this being their latest release. I’m too young to remember 1977 but I imagine this CD will be a time machine for many people.

Looking at the album sleeve before I listened I was unsure how serious the album is as it’s released on Bin Liner Records with its catalogue number being RUBBISHCD 012.

The first track When The Night Falls is a great first track and worthy of opening the album. Solid rhythm, good build up with distortion and overdrive ringing through your stereo. Lyrics leave a bit to be desired as do the vocals. The drums drive the song and it plods along at a steady pace.

Pop is an interesting track. Around 4 seconds in length. It’s simply a ‘pop’ noise! Hmmm! Not sure if it has a purpose.

Minute Man is up next and picks up the pace a bit. The vocals again have an effect on which disappoints me. They don’t seem to carry the raw edge that ’77 punk is known for. The drums come across quite tinny in sound and lack bass drum thumps. The guitars have a very rock ‘n’ roll sound and compliment the song well.

Every Dog moves away from the punk side of rock using open chords on the guitars and more swing to its rhythm, it’s a good sing-a-long track yet again the vocals make me uncomfortable with the effect that distorts lead singer Riff’s voice.

I was concerned with the title of the next track. Rebecca is a name I’ve never heard used in a punk song, love song or in fact any song. Please correct me if you know of one! I’m pretty sure it’s because the name doesn’t suit the song. Musically the song is great with a brilliant solo on guitar from Steve showing what he’s capable of. The chants spelling out “R-E-B-E-C-C-A” don’t work for me at all and quite honestly make the song seem like a joke.

The next song keeps the tempo of the album going when the band perform Animal Attraction. A very repetitive song with the title being repeated several times in every verse. Lyrics are witty in places describing the girl. “Walks like a model, kisses like a slut” being my favourite I think!

Like It Never Happened reminded me of 90s Britpop from the likes of Blur rather than the punk sound that the 70s provided us with.

Finally I hear Riff Regan’s real voice on Celebrity Crash and the punk edge coming flying back to kick you in the face. Broken guitars, bass and thumping drums driving the song. This is without a doubt my favourite song and finally I find something to really like about this band. The guitars go missing for 20 seconds in the middle of the song where maybe a drum solo would have been better than drum a constant beat to fill some time but again this is their top song for me.

Standing Alone comes across again like a 90s Britpop track. More experimental with the music side and again the vocals are clear. It’s now almost like the first half of the album is an entirely different band from the one who finished the album. This is a great song. Reminds me a bit of Madness with Suggs singing another one of those off-beat bubblegum pop records he writes so well. Love this song!

Get Out Of London is a party track and it’s gggrrrreeeaaatttt! Nice pace, good solid melody and lets face it who doesn’t want to get out of London?!?!

The final track returns us back to ’77 with sound and style and it’s called 77 Dreams but don’t be fooled, it’s not about dreaming of ’77 but in fact about having 77 dreams and one of them coming true.

I wonder if their next album will take another 30 plus years to write...

London - Reboot.
Home of StreetRock’n’Roll review.
LONDON! 34 years after their legendary Animal Games album of 1977, the UK punk combo return with their second album REBOOT, recorded in 2011.

10 new tracks feature here in the old spirit, including a cover of the Eyes’ When The Night Falls. They’ve even made history by recording one track Standing Alone using a Mellotron (an electro-mechanical keyboard instrument). But this was no ordinary Mellotron, this is the very one the Beatles used during their "Magical Mystery Tour" sessions. REBOOT is released as a CD on the Bin Liner record label.

London - Reboot.
Mr Rock review at HMV. Original here.
Long awaited second album from cult punk band London. Great mix of punk and psych and destined to be a classic of its genre.

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