Topless is a one-woman stage play I wrote set on an open-top London sightseeing bus. It features Sandie, a tour guide with problems! The original production was actually staged on a real open-top sightseeing bus driving through the streets of London. Click for BBC clip here. It ran for two seasons and was produced by The Big Bus Company. Martin Bailey directed the first season and I took over the following year.

Following the publication of an acting edition, Topless is now regularly performed on stage using videos and photos to illustrate Sandie’s tour of London. It was republished in 2018 under its new title Topless in London.

Sandie....Rachael Carter
Produced by Open Top Productions
Directed by Martin Bailey

Sandie....Rachael Carter
 Sandie....Alexandra Moses
Sandie....Serena Hanson
Produced by The Big Bus Company
Directed by Miles Tredinnick
Topless in London, Topless in Philadelphia & Topless in Sydney are now also available in one volume in paperback & Kindle here.
Topless in London (originally titled ‘Topless’) is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle here.
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The Topless strip cartoon drawn by Brendan Murphy
can be seen by clicking here.
Topless - the musical
For the 2023 musical Topless starring Holly Lovelady click here.
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