Topless in Sydney
Welcome to Sydney! Amy is your tour guide for a sun-soaked, open-top bus tour of this extraordinary city.

She loves pointing out the sights from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Opera House but unfortunately she has other things on her mind, particularly the staff Christmas party that she embarrassed herself at the night before. Learn how Amy found herself in the running for the prestigious ‘Guide of the Year’ award and how she would stop at nothing to prevent her rival Chezza Chapman winning it.

Discover why driver ‘Gambling Gordon’ is so confident that Amy is going to walk away with the trophy. Laugh at her dinner date with Trevor Barncock at the top of the Sydney Tower. And exactly what is the mysterious object given to Amy as her bus winds its way through King’s Cross? This is a Sydney story like no other!

Topless in Sydney is a monologue ideal for solo performance or as an unusual audition piece.
Topless in Sydney is available from Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle eBook.