Topless in Las Vegas
Welcome to Las Vegas! Maxwell Marriott is your guide for an open-top sightseeing bus night tour in this crazy, exciting city – the world capital of entertainment.
The one-time magician can't wait to tell you about the city he loves and how it changed his life. As the bus drives along the world-famous 'Strip', Maxwell points out all the main sights from Caesars Palace to the Stratosphere while at the same time giving you his insights as to why he never made it big himself.
Discover why Maxwell's showbiz career never took off despite a conveyor belt of ideas from his pushy agent Larry K. Mudd. Hear how his wife Brandi found her own way of keeping the wolf from the door when Maxwell's career tanked. Laugh at the hilarious time he got stuck in an elevator with six white doves and the King of Rock 'n' Roll!  

Topless in Las Vegas is a monologue ideal for solo performance or as an unusual audition piece.
Topless in Las Vegas is available from Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle eBook.