My first novel Fripp is a story about a retired Rear Admiral, Peter Legg, who is suffering from satyriasis (the male equivalent of nymphomania). His constant craving for sexual excitement with the local Madam, Miss Forde, and her working girls, Forde's Escorts, have left him broke and despondent. Furthermore, his long suffering wife Margot has deserted him. In desperation he attends a newly opened sexual addiction clinic run by the handsome, breakfast TV doctor Ryan Hooper. When this fails to solve his problems he decides to employ a young, private detective, Twyford Fripp, to track down his wife and hopefully bring her back. Unfortunately, it's Twyford Fripp's very first case...

Reviews of Fripp

“Eager young private investigator Twyford Fripp has just taken on his first case - finding the wife of a retired rear-admiral who has fled him and his insatiable lust for her, and persuading her to return home. She has gone to stay with an old female friend, a school secretary helping to prepare for a royal visit marking the opening of the school's new sports complex. The involvement of the rear-admiral's GP, a ruthless madam who runs an escort agency, a dodgy entrepreneurial farmer, a semi-retired rock star and his girlfriend, a police surveillance exercise in which Fripp is mistaken for a notorious Australian terrorist, and a wolfhound from hell, all turn out to be a recipe for sheer chaos.

Like Tom Sharpe's novels, this is for the broad-minded, but if you enjoy them you'll absolutely love this racy, side-splitting farce. The author is already known for his TV and theatre work, and let's hope this novel is the first of many.”

                    Pat Venford, Book Reviews, South Hams Newspapers.

“Imagine a cross between Confessions of a Private Detective and Carry on Cornwall and you get the gist of Tredinnick’s debut novel. It’s a romp, simple as that; a touch saucy but good fun in a wot-no-pyjamas, double entendre sort of way that follows a long English tradition. It makes a jaunty, easy read.”

       Barney Spender, British Airways in-flight magazine ‘Skylines’.

“... a rollicking good read. I await his second book with eager anticipation, laughing muscles at the ready.”

                                                     Nicola Sly, Phoenix Book Reviews.

Fripp is published by Comedy Hall Books and is available from or in the USA

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