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Welcome to the official site of the band London
Rebellion Festival 2017. Photo: Mark Foster

Riff Regan (vocals)
Steve Voice (bass, vocals)
Hugh O’Donnell (guitar, vocals)
Colin Watterston (drums)

Past members
Rick De’Ath (bass, vocals)
Dave Wight (guitar)
Jon Moss (drums)

Mark Guichard

Record label
Dizzy Holmes
Rebellion 2017

Great show at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. If you came along to support us - we appreciate it!  A big thanks too
to all the staff & crew who make Rebellion so special each year.
(Photos: Mark Foster, Tim Richards, Kevin Shepherd, Jase Kilvo)
Everyone’s a Winner.
Summer of Love at the 12 Bar Club, London.
New album ‘Reboot’ released on CD and iTunes.
Read the reviews here.
Brighton 2017

A big thanks to everyone who came to see us with The Fallen Leaves at the Hope & Ruin in Brighton. It was a great night.

Special thanks to promoters Shelley & Phil at Spinningchilli.

Review & video can be seen here.

Riff Regan 2017 interview
with Eyeplug Magazine
Riff Regan’s solo album MILESTONES is now available on Beach Café Records. Recorded at Railside Studios with fellow Londoners Steve Voice on guitars and Colin Watterston on drums. Steve Pearce also features on keyboards.

MILESTONES. Call The Shots/ Caught In The Headlights/ This Guy’s A Mess/ Distress Flare/ Hard Hearts Don’t Cry/ Russian Blue/ That Ship Has Sailed/ I’ll Never Walk Away/ On The Rocks/ I’ll Get You/ Who Didn’t Want To Be In A Punk Rock Band?/ Little Black Book.

Produced by Steve Voice. Download MILESTONES now on iTunes or Amazon or buy the CD from Amazon USA here and Amazon UK here.

Hear the album free on YouTube.
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